Registration Time: 2021/09/14

Address: Qibei Road,Industrial Zone,Yuqi Town, Wuxi, China

AVIC EXCELLENCE FORGING is a custom manufacturer of seamless rolled rings,a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China,specializes in large and specialty rolled rings that are used in a veriety of critical industrial components including flange,bearings,gears,plates,shafts and so on for end-use markets such as the mechanized equipment,new energy equipment,petrochemical equipment ,pressure vessel equipment,aerospace equipment,and a wide variety of general industrial applications.The capabilities of seamless rolled ring range from 600mm to 9000mm in out-diameter,the max height is 1500mm,and weighing to 40 tons,using carbon steel,alloy steel and stainless steel,aluminum alloy,titanium alloy and other super alloy steel.

Forgings for Mining Equipment Forgings for Aviation Forgings for Wind Power Equipment Forgings for Engineering Equipment Forgings for Aerospace

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