Sandblasted anodized shell 4 axis machining parts

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Sandblasted anodized shell 4 axis machining parts

In our daily life, we will see that many aluminum products are not bright, but have a textured matte effect. This matt effect meets modern aesthetic requirements and is a low-key atmosphere. And how is this effect achieved? In fact, after the production of aluminum profiles, a sand surface treatment process has been added. The sand surface treatment can be divided into chemical methods and physical methods. Chemical methods are often used in physical methods because they are not environmentally friendly.

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The principle of sandblasting is to make the hard and fine diamond grains hit the surface of the aluminum profile product evenly through the sandblasting machine so that the surface forms a uniform pit, which is very small, and we can hardly see the naked eye, only to see the original bright aluminum products. It became matte.

1. Sandblasting oxidation and anodizing, what is the difference between them?

Sandblasting oxidation and anodizing, the difference between the two is mainly:

Sandblasting oxidation is usually a physical reaction, mainly by grinding and other operations to remove impurities and burrs on the surface of the workpiece. Anodizing, it is a chemical reaction process, that is, chemical treatment, through the chemical reaction to form an oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, thus playing good protection. So, they are different.

2. How to determine the order of sandblasting and anodizing?

For the determination of the order in this respect, from a professional point of view, it is better to first blast the sand and then perform anodizing, especially on the aluminum material, so that a good surface effect and appearance can be obtained. Moreover, it is also possible to avoid damage to the workpiece.

3. Aluminum plate, why should it be sandblasted?

The main purpose of sandblasting of aluminum plates is to form a high-density aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate, the main component of which is aluminum oxide. For aluminum plates, this layer of the oxide film can be used to avoid rust corrosion.

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