Custom OEM 4 axis machining parts

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Custom OEM 4 axis machining parts

Shaft parts are a common type of parts. They are constructed of rotating bodies and generally have a length greater than the diameter. They are widely used in various mechanical equipment to support transmission components, transmit torque and withstand loads.

First, shaft parts are one of the common parts. According to the different structural forms of the shaft parts, they can be generally divided into three categories: optical axis, stepped axis and shaped shaft; or divided into solid shaft and hollow shaft. They are used in machines to support transmission parts such as gears and pulleys to transmit torque or motion.

Second, the processing technology of the step shaft is typical, reflecting most of the content and basic laws of the machining of shaft parts. The following takes the drive shaft in the reduction gearbox as an example to introduce the machining process of the general step shaft.

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Shaft processing
1. Part pattern analysis;

2. Determine the blank;

3. Determine the processing method of the main surface;

4. Determine the positioning reference;

5. Division stage;

6. Heat treatment process arrangement;

7. Processing size and cutting amount;

8. Formulate the process;

9. Schematic diagram of the process of the machining process of the drive shaft. Based on the above analysis, the process route of the drive shaft is as follows:

Custom OEM Machining Parts

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